Install Latest Nvidia Proprietary Driver on Ubuntu Linux

Nowdays most compute device, either PC's or even laptop usualy already geared with some kind of graphic processing unit. Either you wan't to use it to play games or do some productivity work with it, Proprietary driver usualy will be able to give you the most performance that you can get from your GPU.

Not like open-source driver option like nouveau that usualy will only give decent performance for everyday task such as Hardware Acceleration for your video playback and desktop rendering, but most of the time will strungle when you want to do heavy task especialy when you want to utilize Cuda compute and NVENC Transcoder.

Before we Start....

Make sure your system able to identify your NVIDIA graphic card in your machine.
This can easily achived by checking into your system info with following command

$ hwinfo --gfxcard --short

or if your system doesn't have hwinfo package, we can use the following command

$ lshw -C display
Example Output

As Shown above, my system is detecting NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti on my machine.
We can Now proceed to instalation process.

Update your System to latest Update

It's always prefered before you do any driver related instalation to check for latest update for every package on your system to latest available version. Especialy with Kernel version. This is to minimized conflict dependency or even compatibility with the new Driver version for your NVIDIA Graphic Card.

On Ubuntu we can simple run this commad

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

after updates are installed don't forget to restart your system first

Installing the NVIDIA Driver

as the time of writing, Version 470 is the latest driver available for the Ubuntu 20.04. So we will use this specific version for this guides.

$ sudo apt install nvidia-driver-470

if you're not sure what the latest available version for your system or Ubuntu Version, you can try to search it within the apt package manager.

$ apt search nvidia-driver

After setup are done, we can now restart the system again for the last time. to Verify if the driver is installed corectly you can run following command

$ nvidia-smi

and you'll get following output if there's no problem related with the driver components.

Voila, you're ready to go 😉

Since the proprietary driver are setup trough the aptitude package manager, you won't need to rebuild the kernel with the driver everytime there's kernel update.

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