Setup Windows Remote Management on Windows 10 and 11

Windows Remote Management or WinRM in short is Windows Service that let you remotely access your Windows Machine trough command line. it's quite similar like how SSH do but instead running on Bash shell, it will use PowerShell for the interface.

Seting up Powershell

As been said, to be able to setup and WinRM on our Windows Machine, you will need to make Sure PowerShell is already installed on the system. as of Windows 10 and 11 on recent build it should already have PowerShell by default. but it's also recommend for you to also update the PowerShell into the latest available version.

You can find and download the latest available PowerShell on this official Microsoft Channel [Installing PowerShell on Windows - PowerShell | Microsoft Docs]

After you're make sure the PowerShell is installed, you can start the PowerShell now and run it as Administrator.

Quick WinRM Config

WS-Management are actually providing as with easy initial setup without to much thinkering for basic uses of the Remote functionality, and for many people case it would be sufficient enough.

on your PowerShell Window you can run this command

winrm quickconfig

or if you want the WinRM Connection are listening into a secure connection you can run the following command instead

winrm quickconfig -transport:https

you will be prompted with the setup process, and just follow trough
after the setup are completed sucessfully you can try to confirm if the WinRM service is already start and Listening

winrm enumerate winrm/config/listener

and you will see output similar to this, as on my case, I only set it up to run on http protocol only.

	Address = *	
    Transport = HTTP
    Port = 5985	Hostname
    Enabled = true
    URLPrefix = wsman
    ListeningOn =,,,,,,, ::1, fe80::2534:670b:77e3:22a4%11,
    fe80::54a5:f6ee:27b5:53c6%20, fe80::81f2:8261:fe6:b5e8%16,
    fe80::c0ee:b1e8:c211:2065%21, fe80::f1f1:60df:e104:a659%10

Congratulation, you're now setup. you can start making connection to your Windows Machine with WinRM now.

This is configured with default WinRM config, as your needs and usage might vary, you can refer into the configuration help and docs to configure it to adjust it with your needs. and if you want to find out more in detail on WinRM Best practice and usage you can visit this Microsoft Documentation as well Windows Remote Management Reference | Microsoft Docs

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