Start to write Blog (Again)

Been unmotivated to write anything this past years and so for managing the website it self, So it was left unmanaged for almost 2 Years. So here we go again, since i want to have a fresh start i decide to start blogging again.

The Intro

So, what i've been doing this past year while being away from my blog?

For quite some time i mostly been playing around learning Photography, Bought my first Mirrorless Camera, it was Sony A7 Mark II with 50mm lens, Pretty much doing Potraits and Street Photography for quite some times. It's fun, Meet new people, learn new photography technique, and having trip to new place.

But since the Covid-19 Situation are rising back in early 2020, i've getting more less and less photo session. A side from work as usual, i spend my time just being at home i getting more and more into playing Games, watching Twitch and YouTube. and being a ひきこもり bassicaly~

ofc, sometimes i get bored just doing that. And being with that routine for more than a year just really consume you.

What I'm Gonna do now?

Becaus i think i can just be more productive now, I just want to go back doing some Game Dev and learning 3D Works and Character Design along side with it. There's some games that motivate me lately to create something similar to it and i think i can have some fun working on it.

It quite some time since the last time i use both Unreal Engine and Unity3D and i think i need to learn it again since there's lot of new features and changes. But this time i think i will spend my time more on Unreal Engine, especialy the early development access of Unreal Engine 5. There's some key features on UE5 that really caught my eyes, the new Editor UI, the improved Rednreing features, Animation Toolkit etc. Here's the UE 5.0 Release Note if you're want to explore more about it.

I Think thats all i can say on this first post, to be honest there's really not much i can tell as an intro here. But really excited to write more stuff for the next post :D

a Hobbyist Game Dev that make a Living as Enginering Operations on Playing some Apex Legends on his spare time and really love to drink Boba Milk and eat Cakes.